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1.     Publish your book

Why choose Xpress publishing

Take complete control of the publishing process and do it yourself for free

  • Own 100% of the rights to your book
  • Create a book in just minutes using our tools
  • Take home 70% profits from book sales
  • Sell on the MyVPH.IN store
  • Upgrade to sell around the world at any stage

Publish in just 4 Steps

Turn your ideas into a book in just minutes. (Dashboard – Registartion and Login for Each User)

Step 1


Create a new book project

Create your account with MyVPH.IN and start a new project on your Author Dashboard by filling in your book specifications.

Step 2

Design the cover and interiors

Design your cover and interiors in a matter of minutes using our online tools or upload your own print-ready files.

Step – 3

Select distribution

Publish directly on the Notion Press Store or do a quick upgrade to expanded distribution and sell your book all over the world.

Step -4

Set the price and publish

Check your profit margins using the Royalty Calculator. Then set the ideal selling price of your book and click on publish.

Pricing (sub menu)


Rs. 11,990

Get a free ISBN, publish your book to leading online bookstores in India, earn 70% of the Net Profits.


Rs. 14,990

Get a free ISBN, publish your book to leading online bookstores across the world, earn 70% of the Net Profits.