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  • Editing

o   DTP – Manuscript Conversion

  • Price: Rs. 50 per page plus GST

Have you written your manuscript on paper? No worries. Let us help you convert your hard copy into a MS Word document. This service does not include proof reading of your typed manuscript.


o   Copy Editing

Price: Rs. 0.60 per word plus GST

Copy Editing is the process of making a manuscript grammatically correct.


We cover all major areas in copy editing. Our editors will review the manuscript and suggest changes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone and consistency to make it as error-free as possible. You would be able to accept or reject the suggestions and post queries on the ones you need more clarity on. This would be a collaborative effort with you and the editor and the final manuscript would be the result of a consensus between both parties.


In grammar we check verb usage, parts of speech, tenses, pronoun usage, and prepositions and so on.


Here we make sure the spellings are right, consistent and adhere to one style (US or UK).


We check for consistency in style (US or UK), punctuation in dialogue and punctuation in running text.

Sentence construction

Sometimes, the phrases in a sentence can be in the wrong order. The sentence’s intended meaning will be different from what is written. There may be too many long sentences, short sentences or abrupt sentences. And sometimes, the sentences may be incomplete.

Consistency in format

All the dates, units, headings, quotes, symbols, capitalizations and everything in your manuscript should follow one consistent style. This is because it’s easier for a reader to follow and recollect the details. Familiarity will help with retention.


Using track changes on word, we will make indicative suggestions and changes that will allow the author to review and approve. All the changes and suggestions made by an editor are not final until the author responds and approves them. Editing is always collaborative.

When we spot inconsistencies, we will follow one style, based on the inputs we get from the author and make all the text and symbols consistent, adhering to one style. We will make changes wherever we spot errors or inconsistencies and leave comments when we have queries.


  1. Non-English text
  2. Citation, footnotes and references
  3. Plagiarism check
  4. Re-writing content
  5. Re-writing sentences
  6. Chapter/content re-ordering or restructuring
  7. Plot checking
  8. Suggestions on narration
  9. Editorial blurb


·        Cover Design

Price: Rs. 5,000 plus GST

A good cover design is the first statement your book makes to the reader. Under basic cover design, you can choose the ideal image for your book cover from our repository of millions of stock photos to build a beautiful book cover for your book. If you have a stock image of your own, you can provide it too. One cover sample will be provided to you.

·        Book Interior Design

Price: Rs.5,000 plus GST

Under Basic Interior Design, standard design templates will be used to design the book’s interior. Up to 10 images and table insertions are allowed. All elements have to be provided by the author and only those elements will be used. For academic books, coffee table books or books with more than 10 images, tables or equations please refer to ‘Advanced Interior Design’.

·        eBook Creation & Distribution

Price: Rs.7.5,00 plus GST

Future-proof your content by creating an eBook version of your book to go along with the print version. The eBook will be created and distributed via partner stores. Author earns 100% of the net profits on every sale.